• Canon’s high-speed, super-efficient L-COA processor
  • Large, ultra-high-density print heads manufactured with Canon’s proprietary FINE (Full-photolithography Ink-jet Nozzle Engineering) technology
  • Durable, vibrant pigment inks for fine art, production, and poster printing
  • Ink technology that improves image clarity and durability for the 5-color printers
  • Easy-to-use software and workflow solutions designed to address unique large-format printing requirements and expand customers’ capabilities




imagePROGRAF Large-Format Printing Solutions.

Canon Innovation in Every Print.

As a worldwide innovation leader for over 70 years, Canon has a legacy of cultivating breakthrough technologies. Its expertise in the areas of science, engineering, and manufacturing has produced world-leading imaging solutions and consistent placement among the top U.S. patent holders of
the decade.

This corporate culture of technological innovation drives the company to produce an ever-expanding range of large-format printing solutions, each one carefully crafted to address specific customer needs in each market segment served. As a result, the imagePROGRAF family has grown into a broad array of solutions that offer Canon’s customers more features, functions, and options than ever before.

Today, the line of imagePROGRAF large-format printers is at the forefront of the industry. Specialized customer solutions and applications range from fine art and photography to production printing, and technical documents to general purpose poster-making.

Inside every imagePROGRAF large-format printing system are proprietary Canon technologies configured to meet the unique needs of its customers, with each seamlessly integrated to enhance performance and optimize results.

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